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Dental Surgery in Niagara Falls

Having wisdom tooth issues or gum problems? Visit us at Niagara Falls dental Clinic. We provide an array of dental surgeries in Niagara Falls area.

Good oral hygiene should always be practiced. If you have dental problems such as tooth decay, malposition teeth, fractured teeth, or any kind of infection, you might need a tooth extraction. We will carefully examine the tooth/teeth condition and treat the dental issues accordingly. We will try to make the procedure as comfortable and painless as possible.

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars in the back of the mouth. They usually come after the age of 17. The need for wisdom tooth extraction can be due to any one or more of the following reasons:

  • Being far behind in the mouth, there might be a possibility that, your toothbrush is not able to reach the teeth, which may lead to cavities or gum disease. 
  • Sometimes the wisdom tooth does not get enough space for its growth, and is trapped in your jawbone or gums which can be painful. 
  • It might also happen that the tooth is pressing against another tooth and is growing out at a wrong angle.

To examine such a situation we will take an x-ray of the tooth causing the problem and analyse the position and condition of the tooth. We also take care to see if there is any affected area due to the wisdom tooth, and take action accordingly. We will use anesthesia to make the procedure as painless as possible.





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Did You Know?

  Periodontal disease (gum disease)

Gum disease is known to be one of the major causes of tooth loss in adults. Having periodontal issues are also sometimes linked to heart diseases and strokes. Therefore, if there is any issue related to gums it should be diagnosed at an early stage so that it can be treated and reversed. Delaying such issues might lead to an advanced stage of gum disease which is called periodontitis. This may also result in bone loss. Some simple healthy habits such as brushing twice a day, flossing daily, eating a nutritional diet, and getting regular dental check-ups and cleanings can prevent gum diseases.

Gum Surgery


For your teeth to be in good condition, your gums should also be healthy. Along with teeth care, gum care also matters a lot for a complete oral health. Certain conditions of the gum can be taken care with oral medication, but some gum diseases such as gingivitis, or gum conditions might require a surgery. Some of the other reasons for a gum surgery might be for:

  • Reducing the black triangles, i.e., the gum gaps between the teeth

  • To remove any kind of bacterial infection

  • Tissue regeneration

  • Tissue grafting, and more


For any such dental queries, you can visit our clinic. To know more about our dental services, or to schedule an appointment, contact us.

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