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Comfortable Dentures in Niagara Falls

Gum disease, tooth decay, aging, and physical injuries can lead to missing teeth. Sometimes those who regularly take care of their teeth and gums might still have such tooth issues. We, at Niagara Falls Dental Clinic, can make full dentures and partial dentures in Niagara Falls, to add more confidence to your smile. With the help of dentures you will also be able to eat the food you want. Those who face issues while speaking due to the lack of teeth can speak your heart out with the help of dentures.


Dr. Olivieri knows that no two mouths are the same, that's why each of his dentures look natural and are custom made to fit comfortably. As an established dental practice in the Niagara Region, our goal is to provide you with dentures that look and feel just like your natural teeth. We understand the importance of properly fitted dentures to avoid embarrassing dining experiences and awkward speaking. So we take the time to create the right dentures for our patients who have suffered tooth loss.

We are the one-stop shop for your denture needs. We have a denturist on site, who works with a periodontist and the dentist to ensure great fitting and comfortable dentures. We also offer All-on-4™ full mouth implant technology for a realistic and full replacement of teeth and gums. Click here to  more about All-on-4™.


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Did You Know?

  Denture Care

Daily brushing is necessary to remove food particles and debris while regular checkups with the dentist are equally important as the dentist will clean the dentures to remove any plaque in order to prevent any gum disease. A dentist may use an ultrasonic cleaner to remove any tartar that has accumulated over time. These regular checkups will also allow your dentist to make any adjustments to your denture ensuring a comfortable fit.

  Tips for seniors and caregivers

Regular dental visits are a perfect time to speak to your dentist about your concerns with regards to your oral health (or that of someone under your care) and will help to spot trouble early. It is also a time to update your dentist as to any medical issues or medications that you may be taking that could adversely affect your oral health.

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